The natural world is an incredible wonder that inspires us all.

Established in 2003, Women of the Sea has created an inclusive tribe, supporting one another to live an authentic life free of negativity and judgment while maintaining a close connection to the ocean, and, the natural environment.

The ocean has intrinsic value in all human endeavours, therefore, we naturally carry a duty to protect and conserve the environment for the benefit of future generations (both human and non-human), just as Indigenous peoples across the world do, and have done, since the dawn of time.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners, throughout Australia and around the world, and we respect their vital role as the original Women of the Sea (and lands).

Women of the Sea values the positive contribution ocean-lovers make every day, from collecting rubbish along the shore, to actively reducing plastic use and, educating others about how precious the living ocean is to all life on Earth.

Go where your heart sways, stay salty, and be kind on your journey.



Women of the Sea Ambassador.

Hey guys, I am Syriah Reid and so stoked to be the Ambassador for Women of the Sea!

I am 13 years old and very passionate about the ocean and the bush, and I just love animals.

As a proud Antakirinia Matu – Yankunytjatiara (and also Barngala Tribe) young woman, I am busy at school and working hard to develop my modeling career, but during my spare time, I am busy cleaning up some of Australia’s beautiful beachscapes and bush environments.

I believe in caring for the earth, empowering Indigenous Australians and women across the country, so I am thrilled to partner with Women of the Sea who share these values.

I will leave you with this message; be mindful of the seafood you support (I do not support commercially caught seafood), just don’t litter (ever), and respect our seas (we are connected to this Earth, so treat it well).